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Hero worship continued

I know I’ve already blogged about hero worship and why it’s problematic but due to recent events, I feel that it needs to be brought up again. Honestly, I’ll probably be speaking about this topic until the day I die.

I’ve discussed Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie and his problematic behaviour, I’ve discussed Ian Watkins and how he conned underage female fans into sleeping with him and letting him abuse their children.

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Dallas Buyers Club: Fact or fiction?

I haven’t watched the Oscars in a couple of years so I decided to do so last night. Overall, it was fun. Frozen won best animated feature and best song, Idina Menzel did an outstanding performance of Let It Go from the film, Pharrell performed his song Happy from Despicable Me 2, adorned in his familiar brand of hat (I’m obsessed with his hats, fo’ real).

Newcomer actress, Lupita Nyong’o won best supporting actress for her performance in 12 Years A Slave (which won best picture) and gave a speech that almost brought me to tears ("When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child, that no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid”).

There was one win that people were hooked on… Jared Leto’s win for best supporting actor. But did he honestly deserve the win?

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Music Monday: Today my favourite band, My Chemical Romance, put out “Fake Your Death.” The band broke up last March so this is the final song we’ll hear from them for a long, long while.

Music Monday: “Say Something” by A Great Big World. While they also did a version with Christina Aguilera, I honestly prefer it without her vocals. It’s simple and Ian Axel’s voice is flawless. I love this performance because this song with Axel’s vocals and the imagery of the angelic models walking down the runway is perfect.

Let’s love

Valentine’s Day is coming up and dragging everyone through a day filled with red and pink and mushy displays of love and affection. For us single ladies, this day can be seen as a nightmare. We re-name the day Single’s Awareness Day and joke about spending the night on the couch in our pajamas, gorging on a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.

We frown at the happy couples and call the day a “Hallmark holiday,” a day that purely exists to result in big sales of roses and chocolate for stores and corporations. I mean, why only celebrate the love for your significant other one day when you should be celebrating it every day, right?

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Music Monday: “American Pie” by Don McLean. It was 55 years ago today that “the music died” AKA the date of the plane crash that killed musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper as well as their pilot, Roger Peterson. RIP.

Making the wrong people famous

Promoter Damon Feldman is putting together a celebrity boxing match set to take place March 1 and the “celebrity” involved in the match is George Zimmerman.

You remember George Zimmerman, right? Zimmerman’s the guy who murdered Trayvon Martin, a defenseless 17-year-old, in cold blood back in 2012. How he followed this teenager who was only armed with a bag of skittles and a can of juice.

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Music Monday: This week, my music Monday fell into my lap when Jon Walker’s (ex-Panic! At The Disco) new album, Connections, was released. Definitely check it out, It’s has an indie and classic rock feel that I’m absolutely loving.

Currently the album is for free for the next 48 hours and, being a student, I understand how awesome free music sounds but I suggest paying for it. Support your independent artists!

Music Monday: Divided By Friday released their EP, Modern Memoirs, back in October and while I love the whole thing, this song is one of my favourites.

I first discovered them when they did a cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” back in 2012 and I absolutely love their sound. Even though he’s probably heard it a ton, lead singer, Jose, sounds like the lovechild of Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump.

Currently the band is getting ready to tour Europe with Mayday Parade so if that’s where you hail, check them out!